Our very first locally designed Vintage inspired boutique range

Our very first locally designed Vintage inspired boutique range

Lootsin has finally released their very first locally made and designed clothing. With everything being locally sourced and made a new item will be released every third week in regards to it being a slow fashion brand where quality is chosen above quantity. All the designs are inspired by vintage and French culture with poofy sleeves and exaggerated collars being a vocal point, while also following modern daily trends. Each item lends a romantic feel ass if you are walking in the streets of Paris and falling in love.
La Chouette Blouse
Vintage blouse with an exaggerated collar and poofy sleeves
The Nuage Rose Blouse
Vintage pastel pink blouse with poofy sleeves photographed in Camps Bay South Africa
The Derriere Blouse
French design vintage blouse
An the latest blouse that will be launching on www.lootsin.com on the 7th of October as seen below:
Vintage blouse with exaggerated collar and poofy sleeves
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