Vintage winter coats on sale!

Vintage winter coats on sale!

Don't miss out on our vintage coat sale currently happening on our website. Shop our wide selection of high quality vintage coats online. These beautiful coats are imported all the way from Europe to ensure the utmost in quality.

Vintage houndstooth coat

Why should I buy vintage?

Lets be honest, the quality of vintage just seems to surpass that of fast fashion by a mile. Yes you might save a bit of money with buying a fast fashion product but will that item last you a season?


Buying second hand clothing is good for the environment. Fast fashion brands like Zara and H&M have been in the limelight numerous amounts of time in regards to their ethical problems when it comes to their manufacturing and how many of their unsold clothing end up on landfills yearly. In the following article from New York Times "How fast fashion is destroying the planet" It depicts that synthetic microfiber in clothing do not decay which is very problematic in regards to haw many clothing items end up on land fills globally.

Vintage pastel blue coat

Buying second hand is more affordable, yes you can buy two vintage coats for the price of one new coat.;)

And lastly it is one of a kind! The second hand clothing item that you buy is unique and special with a story to tell!

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