About Us / Ons Storie


Based in Cape Town South Africa, we specialize in sustainable fashion, bringing you the best of affordable authentic vintage and designer pre-owned items to an online shopping experience.


The Founder

I Louise Meyer the founder of Lootsin had to walk a long and confusing road before the creation of Lootsin. Growing up with a mother who designed clothes and a father who owned an engineering company, my attention was equally divided between the two careers.

So in 2010 of I went to Potchefstroom to study Mechanical Engineering. In my third year of studies I created a fashion blog, Lootsinfashion which quickly grew into a success. After obtaining my degree I moved to Stellenbosch where I worked as an engineer for two years, first designing manways for pressure vessels and secondly designing interior for ambulance helicopters. At this point my love for structural design was just not enough and inevitably I decided to transform my blog into a brand and ultimately a full time career.

Allas Lootsin was born..

Our Mission

We aim to bring clothes to an online platform that is unique! From our high quality vintage/second hand clothes to our boutique range and imported tights, each item sustains a sense of quality and uniqueness while being attainable with a click of a button. Our pre-loved items are sourced far and wide and can be delivered anywhere in South Africa, creating a laid back shopping experience in the comfort of you own home.


We love to chat with our customers,  if you have any uncertainties or just want to say hi, send us a mail at lootsinfashion@gmail.com